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A message to all friends: ``EAT WELL to CHANGE the CLIMATE!!!’’

Contact: Wendy Har Board member of The Swedish Buddhist Community
Advisor of Buddhas Light International Association Stockholm

Buddhist Green Days- EBU Eco Dharma

To have insight and understanding of our planet’ s different inter-relations is a first step towards changing our approach. These “transformative changes”, as scientists call it, require new ways of thinking, new approaches, new friends and a great deal of courage in order to change old patterns. We can help prevent suffering for all forms of life and slowly but surely restore a balance in the environment.

True insight and behavioural change come from wisdom, by renouncing our destructive ideals of greed.

This can be attributed to the lack of a deep understanding that nature and all life on earth are mutually dependent on each other, intertwined like a tapestry. When one part is damaged the consequence is reduced sustainability for everything else which causes suffering for the entire planet.

In order to care for all life and our entire planet we should all play our part and contribute to the middle path towards change. This means setting important goals which lead to change as well as carrying out concrete actions such as incorporating green days into one’s daily life as the example below.

EBU Eco Dharma Activity & BAM*

We invite all Buddhists and other interested to join in actions for solely  vegetarian or plant-based meals. If one is not yet used to it, one could
start 1st day of every month. If successful, one can gradually add the 15th day or extend it even more.

A vegetarian or plant-based diet is one of the actions each and everyone 
can contribute with to save our planet from global warming and is environmentally friendly. Eating mostly plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do to stop climate change – it’s also delicious and joyful!

Why and how is described in the folder for download.

Video: The symbolism of water in Buddhism, by Swedish Buddhist Community.

As a long term project SBG collaborated with Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) on the role that water plays for people from different faiths and organizations like SIWI and WWF. The SBC made a production on ’The Symbolism of Water in Buddhism’ as a part of the video ’Water and Faith City walk – Values of Water’ in collaboration with SIWI – World Water Week with participants of institutions from all over the world.