Swedish Buddhist COmmunity

The Swedish Buddhist Community (SBC) is a registered national faith community which is the umbrella organisation for a number of Buddhist communities in Sweden. Each member organisation retains its distinctive and independent activity with Buddhist teachings and practices common to all.

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Report on SBC activities in 2020.

The Swedish Buddhist Council (SBS), has from 01-01-2020 become a registered faith community with a new name, The Swedish Buddhist Community (SBC). It consists of 24 member organisations from all major Buddhist traditions based in Sweden. The total amount of registered members and regularly participants are approx. 11 000 persons. On top of that there are many non registered persons participating.

We are continuing the work of the SBS and cooperate around common projects like Buddhist spiritual care, crisis management, spiritual care in prisons, environmental issues, interfaith activities and networking with municipalities and other institutions. The planning of a Buddhist chaplaincy education is under progress. 

Summary activities of The Swedish Buddhist Community 2020

SBC purpose

Promote Buddhist principles and ways of life

Promote peaceful co-existence and humanity in society

Support activities against discrimination, violence and racism

Advocate for fundamental democratic values

Work for a sustainable environment

SBC activities

Buddhist spiritual care

Crisis management

Buddhist spiritual care in prisons

Environmental issues

Interfaith activities